In response to anti-choice rallies scheduled at Planned Parenthood locations nationwide on February 11th, we will show up in support of Planned Parenthood. We affirm the right of all people to safe, affordable reproductive health services, and gender supportive health care. We demand that our government do the same. It’s time to show this new administration what we’re made of!

This event will be accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Like Planned Parenthood itself, this will be a trans supportive space.

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Contribute to Our Efforts...
Here at STAND San José, we are thrilled about the explosion of interest in the event, and it has come with some extra costs to keep things safe and unified. Our organizers are floating the cash for things like permit fees and safety supplies out of our pockets. If you do have a few dollars to throw in, ALL of the funds after expenses are paid will go directly to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte!

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